A Good Atheist

I accept that the scientific explanations for the origins of the universe, the earth, life and humankind are true.  I believe that supernatural explanations are unnecessary, and harmful to human progress.

I accept that there are some things that we cannot know; such as what triggered the singularity that spawned our universe, it is as a wall that is infinitely high and infinitely wide, so, try as we might, we cannot peek around it.  I believe that many of the things we don’t know now, we will eventually find out about.

I accept that when I die, it ends, I am gone forever.  I can’t say I like the idea of this, but reality is harsh. I believe that the impact of my actions in life will carry on forever and, through the laws of cause and effect, contribute to the ultimate success or failure of the human race.  Anyone can do this, by simply interacting with the universe; be kind about it, if you can.

I accept that in life things aren’t always equal or fair, but we should seek to address this where we are able to.  I believe we must take care of each other in order to give the human race the best chance for survival.

I accept that bad things happen, but not that they always happen for a reason, nor that you can’t make something good from them.  I believe that meaning is found in human achievement and experience, as a collective, and as individuals.  Discovery, strength, invention, disaster, laughter, victory, resilience, creation, recovery, relationships, civilization, sorrow, growth, and, best of all, love.  The universe is amazing, delight in it while you can.

I accept that the universe is unimaginably large, and that the earth is a tiny and insignificant part of it, even more so than an individual grain of sand on the beach. I believe that we should glory in the wonder of the chance that generated us.

I accept that one day the earth will no longer be habitable. I believe that humans must, and will; go on to colonise other worlds, and find other ways of living which are more diverse than ever before.  With abundant galaxies available for human ingenuity and creativity to express themselves in, almost anything is possible. Something of us will be carried with them to distant planets, and something of them is with us now, as we dream of a life among other stars.  We must do all that we can to see to it that we get there.

I don’t know if the universe will end or not, but, if it turns out that it does, then I accept that too.  I believe that I have been lucky for being able to live in it, and only wish that I could understand it more completely.

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